Steve Costumes

There is so much to do in Minecraft, but take a break and celebrate Halloween in a Steve Costume. Our Kids Steve Costumes include sets with character headpieces and shirts as well as sets with constructed top, headpiece and constructed pants. We also have accessories that include just a mask. We have other accessories too, including a Minecraft sword and a pickaxe. All can be ordered online from us at our low prices.

Steve Costume Ideas and Tips

What do Minecraft and Stranger Things have in common? Everyone’s favorite character is Steve, of course! We offer a variety of officially licensed Minecraft costumes that will let your child become their favorite video game character for Halloween or cosplay. Large, blocky torso pieces and a square-shaped headpiece will unlock your child’s imaginative creativity for hours of fun. Grab a costume package or piece together your own DIY ensemble with our collection of Steve from Minecraft masks for adults or children. Hosting a Netflix viewing party? 

Check out our collection of officially licensed Steve from Stranger Things costume accessories, like Steve’s magnificent hair wig, trusty baseball bat, and stylish red bandanna to create your own DIY cosplay experience. Looking to create a group ensemble? Check out our officially licensed Minecraft costume collection including armor and creeper costumes. Or check out our officially licensed Stranger Things collection and get the whole gang together. Shop our collection of Steve costumes for adults or children online now.

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