Steve Costumes

There is so much to do in Minecraft, but take a break and celebrate Halloween in a Steve Costume. Our Kids Steve Costumes include sets with character headpieces and shirts as well as sets with constructed top, headpiece and constructed pants. We also have accessories that include just a mask. We have other accessories too, including a Minecraft sword and a pickaxe. All can be ordered online from us at our low prices.

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game loved by children, which means the player has lot more choices in creating the game world than other games. The player can build things and explore. Everything is built from cubes, even the main player, named Steve, whose head is just one big block.

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Steve doesn’t talk and his personality changes based on how you choose to play him. He can be a nice guy or a terrorist. He has super strength and speed and is good at eating, fighting, building and planning. He can often heal himself when struck with swords, arrows and even explosives. You don’t have super powers, so be careful when dressed in your Steve Halloween Costume for kids and adults online.

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Get your kid out of the virtual world and bring him into the real world. He can have just as much fun dressed as Steve on Halloween. But first you need to order a Steve Costume for children from us.

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