Storm Costumes

Whip up the winds and make it rain while wearing one of our X-Men Storm costumes. This selection of outfits comes based on the Marvel character’s appearance. She is a member of the X-Men and has had different styles throughout her publication history. Now you can become this weather controlling superhero with ease thanks to our Storm costumes!

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Ororo Munroe is better known by her superhero name, Storm. She has the power to control, manipulate, and create different weather effects. Hurricanes, blizzards, lightning and the like are all part of her arsenal. Storm has been a main character of the X-Men since the 1970’s and appeared in a couple of X-Men films. Fans of hers will definitely enjoy playing the part in any of our items.

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Our Storm costumes are perfect for having at a Halloween party, comic book convention, and other superhero events. Look around our website to see if there are other items you wish to include in the order such as props and accessories. Perhaps you will find another X-Men member costume to create the team along with you.

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