Suicide Squad Costumes

In a world where heroes often get the glory, there's one group of "bad guys" who are out to make a name for themselves. The Suicide Squad is a group comprised of popular DC Comics characters like Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Killer Croc, and now they're teaming up in an effort to save some lives. Other members include Rick Flagg, El Diablo, Katana and Enchantress, and each member of the Suicide Squad put aside their personal vendettas and came together to accomplish a common goal.

Meet the Suicide Squad [Infographic]

Who do you send to beat The Joker when Batman just doesn't seem like enough? How about the worst heroes ever? Daddy's Little Monster, Harley Quinn, teams up with Rick Flagg and Deadshot in this DC Comics 2016 blockbuster, and now you can dress like and read up on this team of supervillians with a Meet the Suicide Squad Infographic from Costume SuperCenter.

Joker Costumes

The Clown Prince of Crime may not be a part of the Suicide Squad, but he's certainly not going to be left out of the fun! Check out the Joker Costumes and have some laughs of your own!

Harley Quinn Costumes

HAHA! Sure, Deadshot might be the de facto leader of the Skwad, but Harley's the wildcard. She's the motivator, she's the glue that keeps them together! Take a look at the Harley Quinn Costumes and have some fun yourself, puddin'!

When Amanda Waller assembled the Suicide Squad, she knew that some of them had criminalistic habits and tendencies. When you put together a team consisting of a marksman, a man-eating crocodile, a samurai and someone who can be, well... quite vexing, you have to be prepared to face some consequences. Saving the world isn't easy, let alone when you're doing it with a bunch of notorious villains. Even the "worst of the worst" can turn over a new leaf, though, and you can look just like each of them as they try to do something good for a change.

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