Supergirl Costumes

Fly in style with one of our lovely Supergirl Costumes. Comic book fans can live the superheroine life by donning the garb of the Last Daughter of Krypton. You will love our selection of Supergirl outfits, which are as cute as they are affordable.  We carry a variety of capes and skirts for you to customize your look, so you can be your favorite version of the Girl of Steel. Order one of our Supergirl costumes online today!

Supergirl Costume Ideas and Tips

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s Supergirl, here to save the day! Your favorite she-ro will love trick-or-treating and scaring up some fun this Halloween, all while defending your local Metropolis from evil DC Comics villains like Lex Luthor. From family ensembles to group costumes, there’s something for every Superman and Supergirl fan. Little girls will love dressing up in cute Supergirl dresses in iconic red, blue and gold, or go totally girly in a pretty pink ensemble. (Have a little fun and paint her fingernails pink and let her spray a little temporary pink dye in her hair; she’ll love it!) 

Adults, from moms escorting their kids around the neighborhood to college-aged adults heading to parties, will love our more grown-up costume selection. Whether you’re looking for something modest, like a Supergirl T-shirt with cape, or a sexy mini-dress, you’re sure to find something that (super) suits you. Your only kryptonite will be choosing which costume to add to your bag first!

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