Teddy Roosevelt Costumes

Ride rough in any of our Teddy Roosevelt costumes! He is one of America’s most recognizable and successful presidents. Roosevelt established a lot of changes for the nation at the turn of the century. His term was vital in preserving nature and even earned him a place on Mt. Rushmore which cements his successful time in office. You will look just like Teddy thanks to our quality Teddy Roosevelt costumes for kids and adults.

Teddy Roosevelt Costume Ideas and Tips

From 1901 to 1909 Theodore Roosevelt served as the 26th president of the United states. A famous historian and popular writer, Theodore Roosevelt quickly won over the hearts of the people. Although this president is long past, we still remember him in the best ways possible, considering he was one of the most successful presidents. His iconic face shows up all throughout history and has even made some recent appearances in films such as the Night at The Museum. 

If you or your Child love this iconic president and wish to honor him this Halloween, he best place to start is the Teddy Roosevelt themed costume collection. This collection features costumes from both children and adults! Capturing one of the most recognizable outfits of all time. Teddy Roosevelt would be proud to see you wearing this historical outfit and would automatically give his seal of approval. Make the most out of this Halloween with a costume that will bring a little bit of history back to life.

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