Thanksgiving Costumes & Accessories

Thanksgiving costumes define what Thanksgiving is all about. They enable us to remember how Thanksgiving first began and remind us of how thankful we are for the sacrifices of the early settlers. It is our time for reflection, giving thanks, and spending time with our extended families. The women talk turkey while the men talk football. At school the kids learn about the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims settled at Plymouth Rock and the Indians shared their harvest feast with them.

Find The Best Thanksgiving Costumes, Hats And Accessories For Sale Online

The centerpiece of every Thanksgiving is the turkey. Likewise, our Turkey costume is the #1 Thanksgiving costume. It's the perfect costume to be the grand marshal of your community's Thanksgiving Day Parade. You'll be bundled up warm in this plush costume as you march your way down Main Street. Your parade will also include Thanksgiving costumes like pilgrims, Indians, and even fruits and vegetables that represent the bounty of the harvest. When they parade is over and the chilly fall weather has nipped you to the bone, then head home to give thanks with friends as family as you share a blessing, carve the turkey and feast on your bountiful Thanksgiving dinner. Gobble, gobble.

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