Tim Burton Costumes

Fans of eccentric and quirky films are also fans of Tim Burton, an acclaimed director, animator, writer and producer. Our Tim Burton Costumes feature characters from his large collection of fantasy and horror films. They are all licensed and are all priced affordably. We ship them out quickly to you, so you will get them faster than you can say Beetlejuice.

Tim Burton Costume Ideas and Tips

Are you one of the many people who adores Tim Burton? What better time than Halloween to explore all of the whimsical characters from the mind of Tim Burton, and choose your favorite one to dress up as! From Alice to Edward Scissorhands to Jack and Sally, we’ve got them all. Embrace your inner strangeness and let it show to family, friends and everyone else who gets to gaze upon your costume this Halloween. Just remember, the mind of Tim Burton is a dark and peculiar place, so be sure to keep your mind about you this Halloween!

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