Tin Man Costumes

In 1939, Victor Fleming invited you on a magical journey through the Land of Oz. But now, you can bring the magic home with Costume SuperCenter’s own selection of Tin Man Costumes! Recreate the famous look (without any toxic paint) with our easy to wear and comfortable inventory of Tin Man outfits and accessories, and get ready to follow the yellow brick road this Halloween season. Left your oil at home? Don’t worry; with our low prices and ease of shipping through online ordering, you’ll never get stuck in place again.

Tin Man Costume Ideas and Tips

A classic and beloved character is available as a costume on our site. Everyone knows that even though the Tin Man was always searching for a heart, he showed that he had one the whole time!  If you’ve got a big heart and want everyone to know it, consider dressing up as the Tin Man this Halloween. Friends or family could dress up as the other characters, and you can recreate the magic of The Wizard of Oz. And don’t forget about the Tin Man’s axe! If you’re going to dress up as a well-known and loved character, you want to make sure you are dressing as accurately as possible. Our costumes come in all different sizes, so both adults and kids can enjoy the magic that comes with wearing the costume of the Tin Man.

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