Tooth Fairy Costumes

Sneak into your kids room wearing a Tooth Fairy costume to trade your child's teeth for money. Whether you received 25 cents or 1 dollar under your pillow, everyone loves the Tooth Fairy. Become a legend this Halloween! Purchase your Tooth Fairy costume today!

Tooth Fairy Costume Ideas and Tips

Everyone knows who the Tooth Fairy is, but no one ever gives credit to mom or dad until they’re adults. Keep that tradition alive and take it to the next level with our Tooth Fairy costumes! These gorgeous ensembles come together to help you keep the ruse alive. A little fantasy music and harmless smoke when delivering the cash won’t just make you the best mom ever, it’ll also add a little magic into your little one’s daily life. They’re only this innocent for so long, why not go all out while you can? 

Imagine your kid in school telling his friends that he met THE Tooth Fairy. We’ve got everything, wigs, wands, wings, and gowns, to make that happen! Or, maybe you just want a nostalgic Halloween costume or to play a whimsical caricature at a kid’s party. Either of our costumes will work for that, but we’re still kind of sold on making your kid believe that there really is a Tooth Fairy, but that’s just us. Check out our inventory and come up with your ideal way to use such a well-known character.

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