Tooth Fairy Costumes

Sneak into your kids room wearing a Tooth Fairy costume to trade your child's teeth for money. Whether you received 25 cents or 1 dollar under your pillow, everyone loves the Tooth Fairy. Become a legend this Halloween! Purchase your Tooth Fairy costume today!

Buy A Tooth Fairy Costume For Halloween Or To Delight Your Kids

Order your Tooth Fairy costume for Halloween from Costume Supercenter. Get your ensemble for low prices and share the joy of the timeless children’s legend. Everyone needs a little tooth magic in their lives!

Find The Best Tooth Fairy Costumes For Adults Online Today!

Shop our great selection of Tooth Fairy costumes and receive fast shipping. Bring the magic to your neighborhood overnight. Don’t forget to remind everyone that magic is well and alive with your sparkly Tooth Fairy costume!

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