Toy Costumes

Turn into a life-sized play thing for all kinds of fun in any of our Toy costumes! You’ve played with dolls, action figures, and other toys throughout your childhood but now you can actually become a toy for Halloween! Relive the nostalgia of playing with your favorite characters all over again! We offer a wide selection of toy costumes at low prices!

Toy Costume Ideas and Tips

Show your friends and family that you came to play this Halloween with one of our many toy costumes! In fact, get the whole family involved and put on a dark Nutcracker rendition as you trick or treat throughout the neighborhood! We’ve got everything you need to come up with a think outside of the toy box costume. Tween Victoria Doll costumes for your daughter to pair with the Villainous Ventriloquist for your son sound like a great start, but what about mom and dad? Easy. 

Add a paper doll to the mix for mom and a spooky Robbie the Doll mask for dad. Now that you’re all dolled up, hit the neighborhood and creep everyone out in true Halloween fashion, because let’s face it. We all had a terrifying porcelain doll experience at grandma’s or crazy aunt Janice’s at least once in our lives, so why shouldn’t we keep the tradition alive? Give your neighbors a coordinated fright this Halloween. Check out our selection of toy costumes!

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