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Uncle Sam's suit and white hair makes him one of the most recognizable icons in American history next to the Statue of Liberty. As the personification of the United States, Uncle Sam was the face of patriotism on US Army recruitment posters during World War II. His red, white and blue stars and stripes ensemble combined with his white hair and beard, commanding, "I Want You" was symbolic of the father of our nation calling to you duty. He is still a strong symbol of American culture today. Uncle Sam costumes sell best during certain times of the year. One is tax season when the costume is worn by men to advertise tax preparation companies and flag in customers. The others are during the patriotic holidays Memorial Day and 4th of July where it is common to see someone in an Uncle Sam outfit marching as the Grand Marshal in the parade.

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The artist James Montgomery Flagg created Uncle Sam in 1916. The outfit reflects the style of the original image. It features a blue tailcoat with a red and white striped lapel, red and white striped pants, a striped bow tie and a top hat that has a blue band with white stars. We stock variations of the red, white and blue Hat, sold separately from the costume. They come in top hat and stovepipe hat styles with either fabric covering or sequins. Clothing does not get any more patriotic that this, unless you add the accessories like the Uncle Sam beard and wig. For the ladies, there is the Women's Sequin Miss Uncle Sam ensemble too.

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As a historical figure, Uncle Sam may be fictitious but he stands for something very real. Wear his patriotic suit with pride and your national pride this Independence Day or any other time of year with our assortment of outfits at Costume SuperCenter. While you're at it, check out our other historical and patriotic costumes such as George Washington, Lady Liberty, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and colonial soldiers.

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