Vampire Costumes

Vampire costumes are one of the best costumes for Halloween. Every party on October 31st has at least one bloodsucker in their midst. Vampires are the undead, bat-like men and women who stalk us in the night hunting for our blood and our immortal souls. They are synonymous with Halloween. When we think of full moons, Halloweens and creatures of the night, Dracula and his kin might be the first creatures that comes to mind. Imagine the monster rising from his coffin under the light of a full moon. Bats fly overhead and in the distance we can hear the wolves howl. An ominous feeling of terror fills the air. The creature of the night throws back his cape and vanishes into the night to hunt to human blood. He has been doing this for hundreds of years and will continue for all eternity. Is this getting you in the mood for a vampire Halloween costume?

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Vampire Costumes

From Dracula to Edward Cullen, vampires have had a place in the popular imagination for as long as horror has existed. These brooding bloodsuckers are always a hit when there’s a need for monsters, since vampires have a timeless appeal that never fails. Vampire costumes are always a popular choice for Halloween, since they’re a monster that offers ferocity and elegance in the same package. If you’re looking for a gothic Halloween costume with a horror-movie edge, a vampire costume is the perfect choice. Take a look at our offerings in the vampire category and find the vampire Halloween costume that’s right for you!


Not only are vampires always in style, but there’s enough variety within the vampire category that you can find any type of vampire costume you’re looking for in our wide selection. Whether you’re looking for a classic vampire look or something from a modern take on the genre, we have what you’re looking for! You could be a character from True Blood, Twilight, or an old Nos Feratu movie, so peruse our website for the perfect vampire aesthetic. Check out all our vampire capes and fangs, and put together a custom vampire outfit that will make you shiver when you see yourself in a mirror!

Vampire Costume Ideas and Tips

When you’re putting together a vampire costume, it’s important to consider a few main points. First, the fun part: what’s your favorite vampire movie/ book/ show of all time? Thinking about the vampire characters that have most captured your imagination over the years will give you tons of inspiration for what kind of vampire you want to be. Once you find that starting point, you can branch out into the specifics of your look. You might be looking for a sexy vampire costume, or something that’s just straight-up spooky! You might be looking for a costume with a vampire cape, or you might want to go in a different direction. It’s all up to you!


Another important question is: how much blood do you want to be involved in this vampire costume?! With the fake blood accessories we have in stock, you can drench your vampire Halloween costume in the red stuff, or you can add a few elegant spots to the corners of your mouth to show your vampire is more genteel. Since blood is one of the most important parts of being a vampire, you’ll need to figure out how much of it you want to incorporate into your costume to create your best vampire look!

Adult Vampire Costumes

Everyone looks sexier in a vampire costume, so peruse our huge range of women's vampire Halloween costumes and men's vampire Halloween costumes to find the one that will catch the most eyesand necksthis Halloween. Our sexy vampire costumes are going to make everyone want you to take a bite out of them! These adult vampire costumes are the best way to get everyone talking at your Halloween party, so dont hesitate to click around our entire selection to find the perfect one for you. 

You can dress up as a vampire character everyone will recognize, or create your very own vampire persona to inhabit for Halloween! No matter what you choose, youre sure to look elegant and predatory in these sexy vampire costumes. Your partner's heart is going to be pounding when they see you bare your fangs on Halloween night!

Kids Vampire Costumes

Your little one is sure to have a great first Halloween (or whatever number it is!) when they get to dress up as their favorite vampire character. They can have hours of fun on Halloween pretending to bite their friends and swirling their vampire cape. Our vampire Halloween costumes will make any little one feel like a creature of the night! 

Check out our boys vampire costumes and girls vampire costumes, especially our top Vampirina costumes, to give your little bloodsucker the Halloween of their lives. Our range of kids vampire costumes is so vast that youre sure to find the vampire look youre seeking, no matter how specific your childs tastes! When you send them trick-or-treating and they run off into the night flapping their wings like a vampire bat, youll know youve given them one of their spookiest Halloween so far.

Sexy Vampire Costumes

Theres no sexier monster than the vampire, so if youre looking to get peoples blood pumping on Halloween this is your best bet! With one of our silky vampire capes, you can make a striking impression on an unsuspecting victim on Halloween. These sexy vampire costumes will give you all the corsets, bodices, and tights you need to seduce your victims before you devour them! We also have dress shirts and suit-related items that will give you a gentlemanly air while you court your victims. 

Whether youre looking to bare some skin or attract fangirls with your cufflinks and starched collar, you can find the flavor of sex appeal youre looking for here. Your date on Halloween is going to feel like Bella Swan or Sookie Stackhouse when they see you in one of these drop-dead gorgeous sexy vampire costumes. We have sexy vampire costumes for both men and women, so if youre looking to impress someone on Halloween, we have the outfits for you!

Vampire Costume Accessories

Vampires are some of the most fashionable monsters in the Western canon, so youll need plenty of accessories for a DIY vampire costume! Whether youre looking for fake blood, fangs, jewelry, or something even more exotic, you can find it in our huge selection of vampire accessories. 

Our vampire Halloween costumes are perfectly complemented by the accessories available in the vampire category pages selection. When people see how much extra effort you put into every aspect of your vampire costume, theyre sure to be impressed. In short, dont skimp on the extra details. Theyre what will make your vampire costume unforgettable!

Five Facts About Vampires

Vampires are an endlessly interesting subject, so it probably won’t surprise you that there’s a ton of fun facts to find out about them! We have a whole treasure trove of vampire lore that you can peruse on our website’s blog. On our blog, you can find out the true origins of Dracula, the most famous vampire of all. You can also get some hot tips on how to fend off a vampire attack if you ever find yourself up against one of these bloodsuckers! Anyone who’s interested in vampires will want to look around our costume section and then get even more inspiration from our blog to help them come up with their perfect vampire Halloween costume. When you’ve binge-read all the vampire material we have to offer, you’ll be that much closer to finding the vampire costume that will make this Halloween stand out in your memory for years—or centuries—to come.

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