Velma Costumes

Jinkies! You found a clue to our Velma costumes. These are made to look like the character from the long-running Scooby-Doo series. Fans of the cartoon will instantly recognize you as the intelligent sleuth! We offer great value for the price you pay and guarantee lots of fun playing the role. Buy a Velma costume online today!

Velma Costume Ideas and Tips

Jinkies! It looks like you found our best collection of Velma costumes! Everyone, young and old know the famous Mystery Inc. gang, and while Scooby might be the main focus of the show, there would probably not be a Mystery Inc. without Velma. This book savvy character is best known for her genius plans and recognizable orange themed outfit. 

This Halloween, adults and kids alike can impersonate their favorite cartoon character with the endless costumes and accessories in our Velma collection. Whether getting ready to solve a mystery or heading out for a night of fun with all of your best friends or coworkers, you can be ready for anything with a fun costume that everyone will enjoy. If you think you have what it takes to take on the role of this smart and nerdy, Scooby Doo character, then you need to check out these awesome and spot on Velma costumes and accessories.

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