Viking Costumes

Whether walking into a themed party, or scouring the neighborhood trick-or-treating with the kids in your Viking Costumes you'll look like you stepped straight out of Norse mythology with a Viking warrior costume. These ensembles display both power and style and help you earn the respect of your friends and neighbors among all the cartoons, comic book characters and vampires of Halloween even without applying a lot of makeup. Buy a viking costume online today!

Viking Costume Ideas and Tips

After seeing some pretty epic Viking movies there is no telling where your imagination can take you, especially when you can find the biggest selection of Viking themed costumes all in one place! This collection of Viking themed costume, accessories and props feature some of the only Viking approved items out there. 

While we don’t recommend pillaging the town or picking fights with barbarians, we can recommend that you get only the best out of your next Halloween with one of our amazing costumes. Whether dressing up with the kids for a night of trick or treating, or heading off to discover the next Halloween party, you can rest assured that your Viking costume will look 100% authentic when you purchase from our Viking collection. Viking sword in the shop for repairs? Check out our vast selection of props and accessories that will get you back into Viking shape in no time!

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