Voodoo Doll Costumes

Hold the power of black magic with any of our Voodoo Doll costumes. We have a collection of witch doctor costumes just waiting to put a spell on you. They have been modeled to look like traditional styles of the culture with a mix of spooky and mysterious. Find a fitting Voodoo Doll costume for whatever event you have coming up!

Voodoo Doll Costume Ideas and Tips

Halloween is all about creeping people out. Do that a little less obviously this year with one of our awesomely spooky voodoo doll costumes. Dark magic is yours to wield when you’re all witch doctored up. Men can dress it up with our Voodoo Dude costume. 

This rock and roll inspired ensemble comes as a funky blazer, attached vest and a top hat ornamented in bones and feathers. Women can doll it up in our Voodoo Magic costume, which is a cross between dark arts and steampunk. We’ve even got sinister sets for kids! Whether your plan is to get out and trick or treat as a family of voodoo doers or hitting up a Halloween party with your friends, these costumes are well worth a look. So, check out our inventory of full costumes, masks and accessories. We guarantee that you’ll find something creepy enough for even the darkest of hearts.

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