Hot Halloween Costumes 2019

Are you looking for an awesome Halloween costume that's going to be recognizable and trendy this year? There's a satisfaction that comes from getting recognition for a hot costume that you're wearing. So if you want to dress the part of a popular character from this year's hottest movie, or pick a costume that you know everyone is going to instantly recognize, here's your chance to find out the hottest Halloween costumes right now!

Star Wars Costumes

Disney Princess Costumes

Top Costumes For Each Year [Infographic]

It should be a surprise to no one that the top selling Halloween costume trends are based on pop culture characters. From timeless classic to new releases, our top costumes infographic features the industry’s best new costumes from 2007 to today. 

In 2018, we saw the rise of the inflatable dinosaur costumes. That’s why we predicted them to be the #1 Halloween costume for the season.

Hot Halloween Costumes 2018 Ideas and Tips

While dressing up like the same old characters seems fun at first, you will never know how much fun you could be having with some of the newest and hottest costumes of 2018. There are so many movies and games being released that not dressing up like one of the characters would be absolutely insane! If you are looking for the coolest costumes for you or your family, then the What’s Hot costume collection is the perfect stop for you. 

With characters from the new Incredibles movie all the way to Star Trek and beyond, there are as many new costumes for you and your family to explore!  Halloween is all about having fun, so why dress up as the same old character when you could be rocking a brand new costume? There is no doubt about it, these costumes are sure to rock the Halloween streets this year and you can find them all in the What’s Hot costume collection!

5 Facts About Halloween Costumes

Have you ever wondered why people decided to start dressing up for Halloween? With Americans spending an estimated $8.4 billion on Halloween costumes and decorations each year, it's time to start asking why.  Why do we spend so much money on a costume? Why do we dress up in the first place? Well, allow us to teach you about the history of this day in order for you to understand. Here are 5 facts about Halloween costumes!

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