You are probably rather proud of your long, blonde hair, like to show off your perfectly shaved, bald head, or enjoy keeping your hair short, so it feels comfortable during the summer months when you sport a baseball cap. Regardless of your hair (or lack of hair), you are not always going to match the hair of a particular character you are looking to dress up like. Even if you have the same hair length but the wrong color, you have two different options: dye your hair or purchase a wig. It is going to be far easier than cutting/growing your hair and dying it. Besides, if you find you look good with the brown or brunette wigs, you are more than welcome to grow out and dye your hair to the same color later on down the road anyways. It is just easier to purchase them now.

Brunette/Brown Wigs Ideas and Tips

Is your Aqua Man costume missing a little something? Or maybe your Princess Leia and Luke feels just a bit off this Halloween. Well, good thing you’ve come to our brunette hair wigs sections. There are plenty of styles here to choose from. You can literally transform yourself in to just about anyone! 

Check out our voluminous, locks for an 80s disco party afro, or our short, braided, locks if your goal is to emulate a little Dorothy on her journey through Oz. Jesus’s gorgeous hair is yours, crown of thorn and all, and you don’t have to do any of the work! Maybe you and your partner are doing a 60s ladies’ man and his seductive lady friend thing for Halloween. We’ve got the perfect set of wigs for that. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our large selection of brunette wigs and prove once and for all that blondes aren’t the only ones who know how to have fun. 

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