Window & Wall Covers Decorations

Walls can tell you a lot about a place. Chipped paint, warped wood, and creepy portraits are all signs of an old or abandoned home. Transform your house into an eerie and forsaken setting with our incredible line of Halloween Wall Decorations. Everyone who steps inside your house of horrors will immediately see that the walls are covered in chilling accessories and decorations. It is the perfect way to capture the spooky mood of Halloween. Create all sorts of scenes that will enhance your other props and accessories. If the walls are covered with disturbing displays and details, imagine what the rest of the house looks like!

Window & Wall Covers Decorations Ideas and Tips

A bare wall is a boring wall. Accent it up with a look through our large selection of props, hangers, and decals. Whether you’re preparing for a Halloween party, themed shindig, or just adding a little flare to your bare room, we’ve got you covered. 

Let visitors know exactly what house you belong to with one of our Harry Potter wall hangers, or prove your love for Superman trumps the Dark Knight with a Kal-El wall mount. If you’re looking for a more festive affair we can help with that too. Turn your home into a haunted house themed party with butcher shop signs or go the creepy clown carnival route with our line of freak show props, wall hangers and decals. We even have a 100 ft. long stone wall backdrop to help you turn your normally bright and inviting living space into a cold, dark dungeon. So, take a look around. We guarantee there’s something for everyone!

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