Witch Costumes

Make Halloween just a bit spookier with our the best selection of Witch costumes online. Find cute purple witches, evil black witches, witch dresses, Gothic witches, and best of all, traditional scary witches. These green faced hags are great for scaring kids on Halloween. No need to brew a magic potion, our unique witch Halloween outfits are sure to make any sorceress cackle. Buy your witch Halloween costume online today!

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

Travel through time and learn about the world's most famous sorceresses with our Famous Witches infographic, and then join their ranks with a witch costume of your own! Or, if the spellbinders aren't your style, become another famous monster, like Dracula or Frankenstein. There's monster for everyone!

Find The Best Witch Costumes For Women, Girls and Toddlers Anywhere Online

The belief in witchcraft dates back to before the time of the ancient Egyptians. It has roots in every culture around the world. It's no wonder witch outfits for Halloween are so popular among women and girls. There are stories of enchantresses casting spells for good or for evil. But most see female wizards as evil creatures and worshipers of Satan. Medieval witches were burned at the stake. Even in America we had our own witch hunts at the Salem Witch Trials.

Buy Your Women's Halloween Witch Costume For Adults

How do you know she is a witch? She looks like one! That's why we sell cute witch dresses for kids and adults. We even have naughty sexy witch costumes for women. Our enchanting Wiccan outfits are sure to put a spell on any male who walks by.

Order Girls And Toddler Witch Costumes For Halloween Online

These cool witch outfits for toddlers and kids will make your child cackle with delight. Children can brew eye of newt and wing of bat into magical potions in their new child size witches outfits. Your kid can be a scary Halloween witch or a cute candy corn witch.

Shop Our Magical Collection Of Witch Halloween Costumes And Accessories

At Costume SuperCenter we have everything you need to be a witch for Halloween. From pointy black hats, to flying broomstick, to black cats, you'll find all the accessories to make your Halloween spooky. Don't forget about the green face paint and long nails. This makeup will complete your Halloween look.

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