Womens 20's Costumes

Buy womens 20's costumes online. Our assortment of women's flapper costumes will have you dancing the Charleston! Show your feelings about following the rules by dressing like one of these historic bad girls. These range from demure pink ruffles to sexy plunging necklines, but all show off the shortened hemlines and flashy details that made flappers so visible in our nation's history. If you're a fan of jazz and sequins, or speakeasies and fringe, women's flapper costumes are the perfect choice for your Halloween party.

Meet 7 Famous Flappers [Infographic]

If you're looking for a costume representing a strong, independent woman, look back a few decades. Flappers might be well-known for their dance moves and appearances at extraordinary parties, but many of them made a lasting impact on the culture of our country. Coco Chanel and Josephine Baker are names you should know, and now you can with this Meet 7 Famous Flappers Infographic. Read up, and don't forget your headband and boa when you recreate the looks of these 1920's icons.

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