Womens 60's Costumes

When it comes to picking out women's 60s costume, you have a wide selection to choose from. This is what makes it a great period to opt for. Let's start from the bottom and work our way up. Footwear was a very important part of women's Sixties costumes. It covered everything from Go-Go boots to platform shoes that were every disco's dance requirement. Tricky to dance in, they looked really cool on lighted floors. The higher the platform, the better. (Hey, look, they're back!)

Womens 60s Costume Ideas and Tips

Get your groove on and dance on back into the funky and groovy 60’s era. Notorious for the bell bottoms and colorful patterns, why wouldn’t you want to go back to it?  Starting from the bottom and working your way up, Footwear was a very important part of every woman’s outfit. In our 60’s collection you will find only the best footwear, costumes, accessories and more all in one place! 

Whether you where the hottest hippy around or were the best when it came to the boogie on the dance floor, there are so many great sales and fashions that set this decade apart from all the rest. Pay homage to this era of peace, love and best of all dance with some of the best costumes that you could only find here! Let that wild child run free this Halloween with the perfect 60’s style Halloween outfit. But who know, maybe these styles will make a comeback!

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