Womens 70's Costumes

Bring back the funky psychedelic groove of the 70's any time of the year with an awesome seventies costume. Why wait for Halloween to have all the fun? Hop on the soul train today, and dress for Halloween or Seventies party! Buy a women's 70s costume today.

Womens 70s Costume Ideas and Tips

For the unsuspecting, you might think you were still in the 60’s but intact you are now in the psychedelic groove of the 70’s. Similar to the 60’s style, you had your bell bottoms and funky fashion but this was the time when things started to get a little more interesting. Skirts and dresses got shorter and the need for glitter and gold seemed to reach its max. 

Hop onto this 70’s soul train with the perfect costumes and accessories from our women’s 70’s themed costume collection. Men might have rocked the slick hair and the combed back mullets, but now is your time to shine Ladies! bust out a few new dance moves or two and watch as the dance floor becomes yours! Crush your competition with some killer colors and some even sleeker style. While living in today’s world might seem fun, there is nothing like the disco nights of the 70’s to bring you back in time.

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