Womens 80's Costumes

Appreciation for the Eighties is not saved for those having grown up in that decade. Fashionistas of all ages pay homage to the great 1980's in stylish women's 80s costumes. Get your eighties outfits for women from Costume SuperCenter

1980s Infographic

With so many outrageous options for 1980s costumes, you may find yourself wanting to learn more about these unique fashion trends and their origins, variations and public appeal. Think about the haircuts worn by the band Flock of Seagulls. Don't you have a thousand questions about how such a style can not only be thought of and tried out, but go on to be one of the most recognizable and definitive quaffs of the decade? Why did super bright clashing colors make up the wardrobes of housewives and entertainment elites alike? And denim. So much denim. Blue jeans have been around for forever, but the 1980s was truly an eruption of denim from jean jackets to shirts and vests. Click over to the 1980s infographic in our blog to find out facts and trivia about your favorite or most notorious fashion trends from the era.

Quotable Infographic

In his lifetime, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner turned a small controversial periodical into a brand and empire that is synonymous with beauty, sexuality, style and adult sophistication. The evolution of the magazine’s models, known to everyone as the Playboy bunnies, serves as a timeline for cultural standards of beauty. We often see Playboy bunny costumes, but don't really know too much about the history of this crowd-pleasing and iconic outfit that has been exciting party-goers for decades. Check out the infographic in our blog to find facts and trivia that will broaden your understanding of one of the most talked about and least understood costumes in the American lexicon. Does Hugh Hefner ever take off the smoking jacket? What exactly is a "grato" and why is it a magnet for beautiful women? You will just have to click over to the infographic to find out.

Womens 80s Costume Ideas and Tips

Are you ready to get a rocked? Bust out your scrunchies and teas that hair up right because the 80’s is back baby! There is no stopping this decade from taking over this Halloween when you have so many fun and colorful costumes to choose from! With our women’s 80’s themed costume collection, finding you next 80’s inspired outfit will be a breeze. 

This was a time where everything went with anything, and it didn’t matter how big you could get your hair because it was never big enough! Try on one of our cool neon skirts, or start your next workout with our physical themed costume!  nothing will come in between you and your right to party this Halloween. Whether sporting your neon colored fishnets, your big and goofy hair, or stepping out in some of the best rocker gear around, there is no doubt that the Women’s 80’s costume collection will help you take on your night!

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