Women's Colonial Costumes

When considering Halloween costumes, try a women's patriotic look. Dressing up as a classic figure from history is a great way for teachers to get their students interested in the country's founding members. There are a wide range of women's historical costume options to choose from. Everyone will recognize you from their history classes in school. A historical or patriotic style will work for many years of celebrations, which is not true for a look based around a popular character that will not be recognized next year.

An American-themed women's costume can be fun and flirty just like any other. The Miss Uncle Sam costume remains feminine despite being the classic red, white and blue. Sequins and a short skirt combine patriotism with sex appeal. In situations where flirty styles are not appropriate, you have dozens of attractive but demure women's historic ideas to choose from. Dress up as a historical queen or princess to look beautiful and majestic without exposing too much skin.

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