Women's Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

A good standby for women's Halloween costumes is a historical themed costume depicting a woman from ancient Egypt or Arabia. Womens Egyptian costumes especially are always popular. Dress as Cleopatra the Queen of the Nile or as a harem girl straight out of the Arabian Nights for an exotic and elegant addition to any Halloween soiree. Order an Arabian or Egyptian costume for women today!

Womens Egyptian/Arabian Costume Ideas and Tips

Some of the most powerful women ruled in ancient Egypt, making it only the obvious choice to have an Egyptian or Arabian themed costume to wear to your next Halloween party or costume themed event. Become the next wonder of the world dressed as the iconic Queen of the Nile or as a mystical and magical Gypsy of the night. No matter where you look in history, you can always find women of great power and abilities. 

Halloween night will be yours with one of these exciting and exotic themed costumes. Thinking a little bit outside the box? Create your own mash up of costumes with our glorious Egyptian and Arabian themed costume accessories. Nothing will stop you from becoming queen of the night, so why settle for a boring costume that will make you look just like everyone else? Don’t settle for the mediocre and cheesy costumes, bring out the powerful leader inside of you this Halloween with our magical Egyptian and Arabian themed women’s costumes.

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