Women's Witch Costumes

Ah, witches. The thought conjures up images of evil, crooked nose sorceresses capable of turning any ex-boyfriend into a warty toad. If you desire to spice up your Halloween party with a little bit of sexy, scary, flirty or naughty fun then a witch costume is the ideal choice. Women's witch costumes are available in the traditional all black, satin dress complete with pointed hat and a flowing cape; however, if you desire something a little more daring, the sorceress can add a dash of horrific sexy to your night out amongst the creatures of the underworld.

Seven Famous Witches [Infographic]

Something wicked this way comes! Once you've learned of the world's most famous witches from this infographic, it's time to get your own potions brewing. Whether you want to spice it up and be a sexy witch or brew your potions like Morgan Le Fay in Medieval times, we've got a costume for the occasion.

Womens Witch Costume Ideas and Tips

Something wicked is coming your way this Halloween. So start those cauldrons and ready your spell books because there are about to be some new witches in town. For centuries, Witches and wickets have dominated the magic scene, and you can bet that you wouldn't catch a witch without her trusty broom. However, with the new, and changing times, witches have had to grow out of their classic black costumes and branch out into some more sexy and colorful costumes. 

From the super sexy to the super bold and everything in between, you are without a doubt going to find only the best costumes in this collection. While Halloween can be all fun and games, the traditional witches will also be at work, sporting some of our more classic witch costumes. No matter what kind of mischief you and your witch crew get up to this Halloween, be prepared for every occasion with one of these spooky Women’s Witch costumes.

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