Women's Gangster Costumes

Shopping for Halloween apparel can be tiring, especially when faced with a long line of ultra-feminine looks. Not all women are fragile and delicate, and this line of women's gangster costumes reflects this fact! Gangster styles offer the chance to choose an original outfit, while giving you the chance to dress up as one of these tough characters and show how strong ladies can be. These amazing Halloween costumes will stand out at any party, and prove that ladies can be tough, old-time, mobsters, too!

Shop Women's Gangster Costumes Online

Ranging the gamut from classic womens gangster costumes that will be admired for their authenticity, to sexy looks that will be turning heads, these well-made women's styles include a whole spectrum of styles. Classic designs, such as the Women's Gangster Lady and Adult Gangster Moll, feature clean lines and a realistic appearance, while those looking to bare a little leg will be delighted with the Gun Moll, or the even more adventurous and provocative Playboy Gangsta Lady.

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