Women's Gangster Costumes

Shopping for Halloween apparel can be tiring, especially when faced with a long line of ultra-feminine looks. Not all women are fragile and delicate, and this line of women's gangster costumes reflects this fact! Gangster styles offer the chance to choose an original outfit, while giving you the chance to dress up as one of these tough characters and show how strong ladies can be. These amazing Halloween costumes will stand out at any party, and prove that ladies can be tough, old-time, mobsters, too!

Womens Gangster Costume Ideas and Tips

People near and far know to fear the notorious godfather, but what about the godmother? That’s right, this Halloween the streets belong to the ladies, and there isn’t anything anybody can do to stop it. Not unless the want to be sleeping with the fishes. With so many Mafia and gangster themed costumes in our Women’s Gangster costume collection, there is no telling how much trouble you and your girls can get into at your next Party or themed event. 

But if classic just is not your style and you want to really stand out from the crowd then you should try on one of our Sexy Mobster or Mafia costumes. There is no doubting how good you will look in these costumes! No woman gets left behind on our watch, that is why we also carry these amazing costumes in plus sizes, so every woman can feel and look their best this Halloween season.

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