X-Men Costumes

Be mutant and proud! Unlike many other superhero teams, which include both heroes with powers and those without, the X-Men include only mutants with powers. Order an X-Men Halloween costume for women and you will transform into one of the most famous and most power-packed heroes on the big screen today. Buy your XMen costume today!

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Charles Xavier (played by both James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart) is the leader of the team. He is called Professor X because he is the head of the Xavier institute where the younger mutants go to school. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is the most popular of the X-Men. Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast are some of the other members of the mutant team. We got a great selection of mens, women’s and kids X-Men costumes to choose from all at affordable prices. 

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Want to become a god among insects? Then you need an X Men costume today. Both Professor X and Magneto believed that mutants were the next step in the evolution of man, but Magneto went further and felt that they were even godlike. Whether you want to appear godlike or just slightly superhuman, we have the mutant costume for you.

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Whether you're looking for a costume from X-Men United, X-Men First Class, or the most recent X-Men Apocalypse, We have great female X Men costumes like Storm and Jean Grey. Our X-Men costumes aren’t limited to just women’s. We have selections for kids and men too, so you can dress the entire family. Why not order a men's wolverine costume? They are easy to order and shipping is quick, so place your order today.

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