X-Men Costumes

Be mutant and proud! Unlike many other superhero teams, which include both heroes with powers and those without, the X-Men include only mutants with powers. Order an X-Men Halloween costume for women and you will transform into one of the most famous and most power-packed heroes on the big screen today. Buy your XMen costume today!

X-Men Height Chart

The X-Men studied hard at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to learn how to master their mutant abilities. With a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes, it's time to line them all up to learn just who’s the biggest and baddest! Check out this X-Men Height Chart to see how your favorites stack up. But remember, the biggest mutant doesn’t necessarily pack the biggest punch!

X-Men Quote Infographic

Professor X has dedicated his life to finding and training gifted humans, also known as mutants. He enrolls them in his School for Gifted Youngsters and many of them join his team of superheroes, the X-Men. Costume SuperCenter wanted to share some of the knowledge that both Professor X and Wolverine have imparted in mutant students and audiences alike in the comic books, animated series and movies. That's why we designed these quote infographics for these characters that you can print to display in your home or office!

X-Men Costume Ideas and Tips

Sink your claws into an amazing set of mutant costumes this Halloween with our line of X Men ensembles! Become Wolverine and invite your friends to join in on the fun as Jean Grey, Cyclops, Gambit and all the rest. Or maybe you want to take the kids trick or treating as a mutant menagerie. These costumes will do that for you. 

For anyone living under a rock for the past decade and a half, the X Men are a group of mutant heroes out to save the world from the dominating force that is Magneto and his group of mutant cronies. It walks a fine line between us and them (mutant and humans) and puts mutants in a conflicted struggle over which philosophy is the right one to approach humans for a better world. SO, get out and do your part this Halloween. Or, you know, just hit up a party and dance the night away. Whatever you decide, these costumes have got your back.

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