Yo-Kai Watch Costumes

Join the battle of good versus evil spirits with help from our Yo-Kai Watch Costumes. Many of our costumes are comfortable enough to wear to a video game convention, anime convention or for trick or treating.

Yo-Kai Watch Costume Ideas and Tips

If your child loves the Japanese videogame Yo- Kai, then you have to take a look at some of our next Yo- Kai Watch themed costumes! There is nothing getting in the way of your child and his or her dreams of mastering all of the spunky spirits, and while we might not understand this game entirely, our children know exactly how to make it tick. 

There is no greater joy for a child than dressing up as one of their favorite characters and with these fun and adorable Yo- Kai Watch costumes, you can make your child’s dreams come true. These comfortable, jumpsuit style costumes will allow for maximum mobility and comfort, so your child will have no problem trick or treating in their new costume. Become a super parent this Halloween and help your child’s favorite video game come to life right before their eyes!

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