Zelda Costumes

Want to be the princess of the magical, medieval land of Hyrule? Put on a Zelda costume and you will be royalty. We have choices for both adults and kids, all featured at low prices. Order you Princess Zelda costumes today and we will ship it out of our warehouse quickly.

Zelda Costume Ideas and Tips

For the last time, Zelda is the princess, Link is her knight. Set the story straight with one of our awesome Princess Zelda costumes! Bring the Hylian princess to the present world in her original Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time costume! Maybe you’d rather portray Sheik, then make your daughter Princess Zelda. Did we not mention we had children costumes too? 

Because we do. So, whether your goal is to hit up a comic con or video game tournament, or head out on Halloween with your family and friends, these costumes have you covered. Get yourself an Ocarina to really sell the look. Just be sure not to attract the attention of Ganon because if you do you’re going to have one heck of a fight on your hands. Find your very own Link (or become Sheik) and fight back. Browse our inventory of Princess Zelda costumes and be sure to do just that.

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