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Who can forget the black-masked vigilante? With great Zorro costumes to choose from, you can show up at a Halloween party and no one will ever forget you. You can dress as the outlaw and look just as authentic as Antonio Banderas did (or Catherine Zeta Jones for the female version). Zorro Halloween costumes help to give you the look, however the sword skills are going to be left up to you. Shop our collection of Zorro costumes for sale.

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There are many ways to make your presence known at Halloween, but when you want to give people a reason to talk, then there is no better costume. From head to toe, these Zorro costumes ensure that you have the character covered. From mask to cape as well as the authentic top and "Z" belt, you'll be the embodiment of the masked villain. This outlaw first appeared in The Curse of Capistrano, but you can make you dashing debute at this years Halloween party.

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Whether you plan on staying in to hand out treats or party the night away, a costume is pretty much mandatory these days. Instead of being a fluffy character out of a children's book, you can be the daring version of yourself that you always knew you could be. This secret identity of Don Diego de la Vega has been the main character of many books and stories. The masked man (or woman) of mystery is a great way to leave inhibitions behind and save the day. Zorro Halloween costumes also come with additional accessories to help complete the look - after all, the Zorro outfit isn't complete without his fencing sword. Women can also find the perfect wig, whip or fishnets to finish the look as well.

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When picking out the best themed costumes there are a few choices when it comes to the Zorro outfits. If you're worried about having the muscles to pull off the look, there are Zorro Halloween costumes that come complete with the muscle padding. This way you get the macho look you've been wanting without having to hit the gym. For all the Lady Zorros, there are plenty of ways to play up or down the look to as much skin as you want to show. You can get a corset, an off the shoulder blouse and even a skirt where you can show a little leg. The look can be as dramatic as you want to make this women's Zorro costume.

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