Zorro Costumes

Who can forget the black-masked vigilante? With great Zorro costumes to choose from, you can show up at a Halloween party and no one will ever forget you. You can dress as the outlaw and look just as authentic as Antonio Banderas did (or Catherine Zeta Jones for the female version). Zorro Halloween costumes help to give you the look, however the sword skills are going to be left up to you. Shop our collection of Zorro costumes for sale.

Zorro Costume Ideas and Tips

The first masked avenger that entered our world as young children. Zorro saved the poor, disciplined the rich that abused their powers and in the meantime created a sacred place in our hearts. In our Zorro Costumes section, you will be able to find a Zorro costume for any member of your family. And even if you want your costume to look similar to Zorro we have the perfect mask to complete the outfit. 

And do not worry if you don't have the physique to pull off a skin tight masked Zorro. Our costumes add not only the characteristics of Zorro's outfits but also the muscles associated with them. You too will be able to dash into the fray to defend the commoners against the corrupt world and any other villains that might appear. Don't miss out on your chance to transform in the dashing hero of California, saving those that were not born with it all one life at a time.

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