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DC Comics Joker Mens Costume

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Size chart:
Size: 36-38"
  • Striped Tuxedo Jacket, Vest, Shirt, Tie, Striped Pants, Gloves & Handkerchief
  • This is an officially licensed item.
  • Who did it better? Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, or Jack Nicholson? What am I talking about exactly? The Joker of course! Just by the sheer amount of remakes Batman and the Joker have had throughout the years, it's easy to see that this iconic superhero and villain duo have something special going on. What is it about the Joker that compels us so? Perhaps it's his sick and twisted mind, and his sense of humor and desire for chaos in everything he does. Or maybe it's the fact that he can get under the Batman's skin and play him like a fiddle. To put it simply, the Joker is unpredictable and insane, and that's why we love him. This Halloween, when you put on the Jokers Men Costume, you'll instantly feel the pure chaos that drives the Joker in all of his motives and decisions. This costume is a real treat. With your purchase, you'll receive a purple pinstripe jacket and pants set, with a green shirt, a golden vest, a purple tie, and a pair of bright purple gloves. Once you pick
    Additional Info
    Care instructions Dry Clean Only
    Material 100% Polyester
    Warning To avoid danger of suffocation keep away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs beds, carriages, or play pens.
    Gender M
    Item No CH03609