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FREE SHIPPING on $49.99+ exclusions apply

Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult

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  • Jacket,White Vest Front
  • Pants
  • Additional Info
    Gender M
    Item No R90348
    Size chart:
    Size: 42"


    We want you to have the best Halloween you've ever had! When you don this Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult costume you'll have the entire party thinking you hopped right out of the poster! You'll be the patriot of the ball when you walk in as a fun loving proud American couple if you decide to do a pairing! This outfit comes with everything you'll need to show your stars and stripes! A beautiful blue vest with a red and white stripped breast trim. With a white vest front, it'll complement and pop extravagantly with the bright blue vest. It also comes with a matching pair of red and white pants that tie the patriotic aura together! Make sure you add a few extra bits of flair to your American pride outfit including a white beard, or even Uncle Sam's signature top hat! The party will give you a salute and a drink when you strut in wearing our Deluxe Uncle Sam Adult.