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20% OFF KIDS COSTUMES use code: KIDS20 | FREE SHIPPING on $49.99+ exclusions apply

20% OFF KIDS COSTUMES use code: KIDS20 | FREE SHIPPING on $49.99+ exclusions apply


With America's rich history comes our pride for our great country, we are a the home of the free and the brave; where dreams can be made into a tangible reality. With the thought of America we think of the colors of the American flag and sight of the great statue of liberty. We think of all the great and brilliant people in our history and what makes up this great nation of ours. So at the next themed event, bring this great feeling of American pride straight to the party goers minds, with these plus size historic and patriotic costumes for men and women. Let everyone know that you're proud to an American and show up as a historic figure.

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Plus Size Historical Costume Ideas and Tips

Looking back at the past can be a blast and so can dressing up like a historical figure. When you want an outfit with yesterday’s look but the quality of today, we can help. Check out our selections of Plus Size Historical Costumes made just for your figure. For fans of the wild frontier, we have Indian and pioneer costumes. For those who want to go further back in history, our cave women or cave men outfits are a great choice for Halloween.

We have selections that you can wear all year round to transport yourself to a time long ago. For those who enjoy cosplay at a Renaissance Faire, we have knight and maiden costumes, just right for the knight who likes to joust and for his lady. Knight or maiden, not your style? Be a peasant or merchant who strives to win his lady’s hand, a king or queen who rules over the entire land or Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. And no toga party would be complete without togas, so order yours from us. We have much more from many places and times and at affordable prices, so take a look.