Girls Halloween Costumes



Girls Halloween Costumes

Girls of all ages love getting dolled up. There are many girls costumes that appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Here are some favorite Halloween costumes.

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Many kids dream of "making it big" on the stage, on television, or on the silver screen. Glitz and glam appeal to them, and dressing up as a Hollywood star may be just what she would love. Emulating a talented and beautiful pop star is just one of many girl's outfit ideas that we offer you. Other Halloween costume ideas for girls include wearing clothes from another era. A 20s, 50s or 60s outfit has fashion and glamor that they love. Likewise, they'll enjoy accessorizing them with shoes, wigs and jewelry.

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Young ladies might enjoy donning a Disney Princess costume. There are several princess dresses available. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, comes with a yellow dress and tiara. Jasmine, from Aladdin, includes a cropped top, sheer blue pants, and a blue headband. Cinderella's gown is a full blue dress with a headband. A wand and a tiara add finishing details. A brunette wig is also available. Every princess needs a crown or a tiara, and there are several available to choose from.

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Other popular choices for young ladies costumes of any age include fairies, bees and butterflies, in nearly every color of the rainbow. They range from long to short and some have tutus and glitter. The necessary wings and magic wands are available with all of these costumes. Tiaras add a special touch.

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Cowgirl outfits also come in several varieties. One comes with a horse already mounted on the jeans. Another includes a pink and white fringed skirt, and yet another comes with a tiered brown skirt. Every cowgirl needs a sassy hat and boots as well and we've got 'em! Cheerleader uniforms come in several colors, and include short skirts, sleeveless or short-sleeved tops, and, of course, pom-poms. Some come with a megaphone or knee socks. High-topped or low sneakers complete the look.

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A girl looking for something based on the way she sees mommies and daddies dressing might like to wear an occupational costumes like a safari outfit, complete with jacket and hat or a teacher in a suit, or a veterinarian in a white lab coat. Princesses and superheros are fun for make-believe characters but real life jobs are also great for role-playing and are positive role models for all kids.

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Whether your little one loves Disney, dressing up as a cute little kitty, or something less traditional, you are sure to find girl's costumes and Halloween ideas that will give her hours of play-time fun long after October 31st.

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