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Real men and women are larger than a size three, and plus size costumes make the most of real sizes. There is a full range of choices available. Be a historical or fantasy figure, sexy or demure, an angel or a devil for an evening.

Historical, Renaissance and Medieval

Historically, thinness was not considered beautiful, and historical dress make great plus size outfits for men and women. Henry VIII was a big man, and an XL Renaissance costume will lend some of his magnificence to a big and tall man today. Or try dressing as a medieval knight, wearing a tabard with your coat of arms and carrying a sword. Medieval and Elizabethan garb lend elegance to voluptuous women with their long lines and rich fabrics.

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Curves are Meant to be Shown Off. Women are sometimes shy about their size, but they can really show off their curves with sexy outfits from XL to 4X. Try being Betty Boop for an evening, or dress as a French maid and carry a feather duster. Those short ruffled petticoats and fishnet stockings enhance a real woman's curves.

Be a Plus Size Superhero For Halloween

Superheroes are larger than life. We all know that. A skinny, little guy in a Superman outfit looks a bit silly, but a big guy looks great as a muscle bound Superman. Plus sizes for just about any superhero are great for a big guy. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, or Iron Man will lend you their superpowers for an evening.

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If you are having a hard time coming up with Halloween costume ideas for plus sized adults, you can't go wrong with the classics. The world of magic has much to offer in costuming and a classic witch or wizard robe can be both amusing or menacing. Of course, what would the night be without a fright so classic horror characters like Dracula, Monsters and even the Bride of Frankenstein are available in extra large and higher.

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Don't forget the possibilities offered by plus size religious robes. The long brown or black robes of a monk or friar are comfortable to wear and look great too. A wig can supply the fake tonsure needed to complete the ensemble. A traditional nun's habit includes a wimple and veil. Angels can be male or female, complete with wings and halo. Devils wear horns and can be dressed in anything from sweeping robes to elegant evening clothes. Don't forget the traditional pitchfork.

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Many occupations have distinctive clothing and gear that make them good choices, too. A man or a woman can wear a firefighter's hat, tall boots, and waterproof coat. Carry a length of hose over the shoulder for the final touch. Try dressing as a police officer, complete with handcuffs, hat, and baton. And wouldn't everybody like a day as a clown?

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