Teen Halloween Costumes

Teen Costumes

Teens don't have to squeeze into children size or have an adult style altered to be age appropriate. We offer styles and ideas that flatter a teenagers tastes and body type. A successful teen costume should bridge the gap between child and adult themes. Since they're definitely not children but not yet adults, teenagers often struggle with straddling the middle ground when it comes to shopping for Halloween. Parents don't want teens dressing too sexy, but teens probably don't want to dress like an ten year-old, either. Teenagers want to stress their independence and autonomy. So we make their choices original (they don't want to be caught wearing the same thing as a friend), creative, stylish, fashionable, hip, and timely. Above all, they should be cool. Here are popular themes for teen Halloween costumes:

Shop Decades Costumes For Teenagers

Costumes with time period themes can be a lot of fun. There are many options for each generation and teens can have a ball going to a thrift store and picking out an old, gaudy outfit. The 80s is a popular theme. Think legwarmers, spandex workout clothes, acid-washed denim, and French cuffed jeans.  Teens can have fun wearing bell-bottoms, dressing like hippies, or being ensconced in the flannel days of grunge. 1920s flappers and mobster styles are always popular teen Halloween costumes as well.

Find The Best New Teen Costumes Online

Teenagers are trendy. Most of them keep up with the latest popular music, celebrities, movies, and TV shows. Even though older adults may miss the reference of a teenager dressed as a current pop star, chances are that other teens will know exactly who is being portrayed. Popular fictional characters to portray include Captain Jack Sparrow, superheroes, Indiana Jones, Star Wars characters, Harry Potter, and Austin Powers.

Find Teen Costumes That You Actually Want To Wear For Halloween

Teen Halloween outfits feature themes for parties so they can dress up and look cool whether they are male of female. Ideas includes video game characters, or wearing the most ugly Christmas sweater. Redneck parties allow teenagers to dress in stained white tank tops, ripped-up jeans, and cut-off shirts. We always look to pop culture to find out what's trending so we can translate it into costume. Since trends come and go so quickly we suggest you check the site often for new stuff.

Check Out Our Horror Costumes For Teens

Horror-themed characters are always in style - the scarier the better. Teenagers may want to emulate characters in recent horror films or opt for classic horror villains like Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street, or hockey mask wearing Jason from Friday the 13th. If those characters are too over-done, teens can dress as zombie prom dates, undead cheerleaders or football players, or accident victims - any idea can be turned into a zombie with a little special-effects makeup.

Order Classic Teen Halloween Costumes

Classic teen costume ideas such as witches, fairies, superheroes, and princesses never go out of style. Teens can alter these themes to make them trendier. Instead of dressing as a regular white fairy, dress as a black Goth fairy. Instead of being a regular witch with a cape, don a ripped up dress and steel-toed boots and go as a punk witch.

With a little creativity and an eye towards trends, teens can come up with an original Halloween costume that fits right in (but doesn't copy) their friends' outfits.

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