Item #65019R

Collector's Edition Star Wars Imperial Guard Adult Costume


  • A Red Over The Head Mask.
  • Size: Standard (One Size Fits Up To 44 Jacket Size)
  • Please Allow Additional Time For Delivery




If you want to be one of the warriors that Rey and Kylo were fighting in that climactic scene of The Last Jedi, this Collector’s Edition Star Wars Imperial Guard Adult Costume is for you! This chilling and uncanny costume will cover you in red, shiny material that will hide your face and make you into one of the most fearsome warriors in the galaxy. You can defend Supreme Leader Snoke in this costume, or take down one of the last force-users that are not on the side of the First Order! If you encounter Luke Skywalker, he’d better run, because the electric lightsaber weapons you and your fellow guards wield can block a lightsaber attack! You can shop our Star Wars accessories to find the perfect weapon for you—each member of the Imperial Guard has a different lightsaber-related weapon, so you can pick out the exact style that looks coolest on you! You’ll be ready for an epic throne-room duel when Kylo Ren finally turns on Supreme Leader Snoke, with this spooky red costume on! Not only that, but when you stroll into a Halloween party with this costume on, everyone will stop and stare at this seriously scary outfit. If you want to be one of the most exalted warriors of the First Order, this costume is the one that will make this Halloween costume your most impressive yet. Order our Collector’s Edition Star Wars Imperial Guard Adult Costume to be one of an elite fighting force this Halloween!

Additional Information

Product Number: 65019R
Care Instructions: Spot Clean
Material: 100% Injection Molded Abs

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