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Marvel: Avengers: Infinity War Child Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet


  • One Gauntlet With "Jewels"
  • This is an officially licensed item.


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Nothing says that you know your stuff about comic books like a full blown costume with all the bells and whistles. Wearing costumes has been a sacred ancient pastime for centuries upon end. I remember my first costume. I was six years old and I wore a Spiderman onesie and it had a mask and all of the bells and whistles. And most importantly was the prop I held in my hand. The mask fit incredibly, the onesie was great, and it even had sticky grips and the bottom of the feet so that I didn’t slide around my house when my Mom was fighting me pretending to be the Green Goblin. But the best part about the costume was the glove. I had the official Spiderman glove. I could sling webs (silly string) whenever I dipped, dodged, ducked and dove around the house. I would go in the backyard and see how far I could sling my web and I remember being so happy as a child, impersonating my favorite superhero and for just a moment, living and believing that I had as much power as he did. Now I’m a grown up, but it’s time to transfer that joy I had to my kids. Give your kids the same joy by giving him the complete experience of a costume. Thanos is one of the mightiest superheroes in all of the Infinity War, and its time your child got to experience the power of the might Thanos with this Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet. This gauntlet is only owned by the might Thanos and now give your child the same power by putting this in his hands. Purchase it today, surprise your child with it, and give him that same joy that we remember when we were kids.

Additional Information

Product Number: R69075
Care Instructions: Spot Clean
Material: 100% Polyester
Warning: Keep away from Fire

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