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Rainbow Unicorn Latex Mask


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What are unicorns usually associated with? That's right, rainbows! Rainbows and unicorns go very well together, which is why you see a rainbow behind or somewhere next to a unicorn on posters, wallpapers, and any other decoration you might think of. You probably have even seen a unicorn gallop across a rainbow bridge or something like that! Thinking of becoming the beloved mythical creature for Halloween, or for a fun themed party? Why not choose to be a unicorn, and upgrade the costume with this latex mask? Introducing the Rainbow Unicorn Latex Mask. Become the interesting and mystical creature for the event, and watch as others try to pet you, or try to touch your horn. Plus, the colors of the rainbow grace the mask, which means that your look is spot on! Just don't forget to find a costume with a rainbow tail so that the mask matches the costume. That way, you are almost like the real deal...except that you walk on twos, not fours.

Additional Information

Product Number: 808651
Material: Latex

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