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Suicide Squad Harley Quinn's Giant Mallet


  • Harley Quinn Mallet
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I wouldn’t quite call them “superhero”, but perhaps anti-villain turned hero. I know it sounds so confusing right. Well, it is. Here is the premise. A global threat has fallen upon the world, and we need the superhero to save us. Sound like your typical cliché superhero movie. Here where it gets interesting, instead of hero why not use supervillain. They are cheaper, expendable, and you can tell them what to do and they will do it (thanks to a microchip). That why they are called the Suicide Squad. I know it sound kind of amoral, but it is actually a good idea. Among the bad people are masterful marksmen Dead shot, reptilian monster Killer Croc, fire fiend El Diablo, boomerang expert Captain Boomerang, sword-yielding Katana, and insanely unstable Harley Quinn. Sound like a dynamite and C4 mix together with a short fuse in a vat of gasoline! Introducing the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn’s Giant Mallet. Getting hit with this mallet is no picnic. I am sure it going to hurt for a long time. Feature a polyethylene foam mallet head with a red diamond and white banner around the mallet and a knockout smiling face on the front of the mallet. The mallet itself is a plastic grip handle. Perfect for bashing a person or two. So, don’t delay. Purchase today. Great for a Halloween prop. Purchase the Harley Quinn costume full appreciate the mallet even more. Have your friend dress as other members of the Suicide Squad. Reenact your favorite scene or create new ones but most importantly have fun.

Additional Information

Product Number: R34816
Care Instructions: Spot Clean
Material: 100% Polyester
Warning: Keep away from Fire
Gender: U

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