Item #9602FW

Zipper FX Kit


  • Spirit Gum And Remover
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Zipper
  • Fake Blood
  • Makeup



If you feel like there's a monster lurking beneath your skin, this Zipper FX Kit will help you begin to unleash the beast! This gruesome makeup kit is perfect for creating a unique Halloween look. It includes a silver zipper and bloody scab makeup to create a gory wound between the rows of zipper teeth. The kit also includes black and white cream makeup, spirit gum and adhesive remover, and applicator sponges to create a professional quality look.

Additional Information

Product Number: 9602FW
Care Instructions: Wash Off With Mild Soap And Water And Paper Towels
Material: Packaging - 12% Paperboard Packaging - 7% Polypropylene Plastic Packaging - 18% Zipper - 18% Bloody Scab Cosmetic - 11.5% Spirit Gum Cosmetic Adhesive - 14.5% Make Up Cosmetic - 3% Brush - 6% Sponges
Warning: Spirit Gum Is Flammable. Do Not Use Near Heat Or Flame. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Spirit Gum Removal Is Flammable, Do Not Use Near Heat Or Flame. Use In Well Ventilated Area

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