31 Thoughts Every Parent Has in October

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31 october thoughts

If you’ve got kids, you’ve been there before; the prep for holidays is often so anxiety-ridden and stressful, that the day itself seems underwhelming once it finally arrives.

Halloween isn’t any different, and many would argue that the season officially starts on October 1st. That leaves you with 31 days of preparation, and at least one different thought for every day. Costume SuperCenter wants to walk you through the minds of most parents in October.

1. It’s October already?! It was just summer two days ago!

2. I don’t want to wear a jacket yet.

3. Does this mean I have to decorate my house?

4. Maybe my kid won’t realize Halloween is so close.

5. Oh, good. My kid’s teacher decorated the classroom on October 1st. Time to decorate my house.

6. I should probably rake the leaves first.

7. Nah.


Image via irishisanattitude.com

8. Where did I leave all of those decorations that we put up last year? I know I didn’t throw them out.

9. Here’s a box of decora… Ugh. Christmas stuff.

10. I’ll just order new ones. Costume SuperCenter has props and decorations!

11. You want to get your costume now?! There are three weeks left!

12. Fine. Get in the car.

13. What do you even want to dress up as?

14. You’re not wearing that mask unless you want to give me nightmares.

horror masks

15. Ugh. This store smells weird.

16. I’ve never heard of that character. It sounds offensive.

17. You can only pick a costume that covers your belly button.

18. Do they seriously not have your size? 

19. Ugh. There’s nothing else that you want to wear? Something that won’t get you expelled, maybe?

20. Let’s just go home and shop online for costumes.

21. Welp… That was painless. Should have just looked at Costume Supercenter from the get-go.

22. If I buy candy that I don’t like for the trick-or-treaters, maybe I won’t eat it all before Halloween.

23. I don’t really like peanut butter cups, do I?

Image via picslist.com

Image via picslist.com

24. I love peanut butter cups, but I’ll only have one a day. It’s totally fine.

25. How are we out of peanut butter cups already?! It’s not even Halloween yet!

26. No big deal. I’ll just run to the store to get more.

27. What do you mean you’re out of peanut butter cups?! What else do you even sell here?!

28. Are you old enough to trick-or-treat on your own yet? Just be back before dark.

29. It’s dark. Where are my kids? Are they okay? Did they get abducted by aliens?

30. Nevermind. They’re home and Halloween is over! Time to put on the TV and relax!


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