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Welcome to Costume SuperCenter

A person who receives an invitation to a costume party has the perfect opportunity to find an new Halloween costume that will be the hit of the occasion. Some people choose characters that reflect their personality. For example, a man who's an adventurous type may peruse the selection of pirate outfits fun to wear. Other people prefer to dress up as someone or something that is completely unexpected. For instance, a quiet, conservative woman who is looking for an outfit for a grown-up party may check out the sexy category to transform herself into a 60's go-go dancer or a cowgirl if only for an evening. Regardless of a person's preferences, our site is overflowing with creative costume ideas for adults of all sizes and ages.

A high schooler looking to impress his or her friends on Halloween will likely want to look at the collection our teen costume department. Some teens may want to choose a horror theme such as a zombie or a wolf. Fairy tale, disco, historic, Greek, and Roman styles are just a few examples of other themes found in the this category. Dressing up is cool, especially when you do it with friends so teenagers will have a great time shopping for fun ideas together.

There are many occasions where a woman may need a fantastic outfit from a time in history. For instance, she may be invited to a party with a 1920's theme and need a flapper dress that will transport her to the Jazz age. The Gatsby styles are plentiful and accessorizing with pearls and headbands will make her look like a free-spirited girl of the time. The same goes for dressing up in outfits from the Renaissance all the way to the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Ladies should take their time to peruse the large selection to see what appeals to them.

In preparation for a Halloween party at a preschool or a neighbor's house parents will want to look at our kids Halloween costumes. Under the category of infant/toddler, parents and their little ones will find a plentiful choice of themes including superheroes, dinosaurs, cats, bunnies, and many more. Parents will likely be able to fill a photo album with pictures of their little one in a precious outfit. Girls and boys who are a little older have their own categories to look through. In the girl's sections she may find some of the occupational outfits interesting. She may want to be a zookeeper, a nurse, or a doctor for the day. Other kids options in the category include Dorothy, cartoon characters, cheerleaders, and more. As for the boys, he'll enjoy shopping for choices ranging from superheroes to cowboys to famous historic figures. Kids are certain to find something that suits their interests.

Finally, we have a category full of hats, wigs,and masks that add even more interest to your outfit choice. For instance, paired with the right ensemble a mask of a famous face can be the finishing touch to recreating the look of the celebrity. Alternatively, a brunette wearing an attractive outfits and donning blonde wig will give herself a whole new look for Halloween. Accessories and makeup can also lend realistic details so be sure to include them with your purchase. Shoes, gloves, eyeglasses, and even fangs are among the collection of accessories in this category. In addition, make up kits and face paint can help to complete a specific look.

We make the World Wide Web truly worldwide by offering to ship Halloween costumes to Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and France. Depending on the shipping method and location, our shoppers in these countries can receive their shipments in less than a week. In the United Kingdom you can expect to receive your shipment within 1-12 days depending on your location and ship method. We do not calculate the duties and taxes at checkout for UK customers so they will be payable at the time of delivery. Shipping to Canada takes from 2-7 days with some Northwest Territories taking up to two weeks and duties are calculated at checkout. Australia shipping can take from 2-15 days depending on location and ship method. VAT taxes are exempt on orders under $1000. New Zealand customers can also expect their package in 2-16 business days and all orders over $50 US will be charged 15% in duties, payable to the postman at the time of delivery. For our French customers, packages shipping to France arrive within 6-11 business days and the duties are not calculated at check out so you will be informed of the applicable duties and taxes at the time of delivery, and they are payable to the delivery person.

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