31 Struggles All Trick-or-Treaters Know Too Well

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Between the horror movies, haunted hayrides and pumpkin picking, October is a month that should crack everybody’s top times of the year. One activity, though, puts it over the top for children everywhere, and that’s trick-or-treating.

Honestly, though… You’re telling kids that they can dress up like their favorite superhero or princess, walk around and ask for candy? And somebody will give it to them? For free? While trick-or-treating certainly has its perks, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Costume SuperCenter is bringing you 31 of the top struggles that trick-or-treaters everywhere know far too well:

1. …when Halloween falls on a weekend, and you don’t get to trick-or-treat right after your school’s Halloween parade.

2. …when it’s supposed to rain on Halloween.

3. …when your parents want you to wear a jacket over your costume.

4. …when your parents succeed in making you wear a jacket over your costume, and nobody can tell what costume you’re wearing.

5. …when you can’t find the pillowcase that matches your costume perfectly.

6. …when you’re not sure if your pillowcase will be big enough for all the candy you’re about to collect.

7. …when you can’t figure out how to hold your pillowcase, your costume accessories AND the flashlight your parents are making you bring.

8. …when you and your friends disagree on which neighborhood you should visit first.

9. …when a house leaves out an entire bowl of candy with a sign that says “Take One,” but your friend takes 12 peanut butter cups and you get stuck with a lollipop.

10. …when you’re the tallest one in your group, and people assume you’re too old to trick-or-treat.


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11. …when you’re the shortest one in your group, and you look like you’re trick-or-treating with people way older than you.

12. …when you scratch your face, totally forgetting that you’re wearing face paint.

13. …when you scratch your head, totally forgetting that you sprayed it green, and now you have green hands, too.

14. …when you take a bathroom break that’s way longer than it should be because your costume is a one-piece.

15. …when they only had the mask you wanted in adult sizes, and your eyes don’t match up with the eye-holes.

16. …when you come to that one house that decided to get a little too scary with their decorations.

17. …when you see a prop on a porch that’s really a person who jumps out at you when you go to take a piece of candy.

18. …trying to explain to your friends that you weren’t actually scared – just caught off-guard.

19. …when it’s starting to get dark out and you know you’re running out of time to trick-or-treat.

20. …when you have to walk past that cemetery that seems just a little bit spookier today.


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21. …when that house that gave out full-size candy bars last year disappoints you with fun size candy bars this year.

22. …when you realize that you left your awesome costume accessories back where you took your bathroom break.

23. …when you realize that it’s time to head home.

24. …when the houses you go up to on your way back refuse to give you a second round of candy.

25. …when your parents yell at you because you walked in four minutes after your curfew.

26. …when you realize that your pillowcase was, unfortunately, definitely big enough for all of the candy you collected.

27. …when your friends offer you terrible candy trades. Why would you give them a peanut butter cup in exchange for a piece of gum? You wouldn’t.

28. …when you have to attempt to wash out the green hair spray.

29. …when you have to wash off all of your face paint.

30. …when you’re still wearing your costume without the hair spray and face paint, and you realize that you’re turning back into a mere mortal.

31. …when Halloween is over and you have to wait another 365 days for the next one.

When Halloween ends sooner than you want it to and Christmas decorations are being displayed in no time, it’s better not to fight it. Like they say, if you can’t beat them, join them! Costume SuperCenter has an incredible inventory of Santa suits and other holiday costumes to help you fit right in!


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