Holy 50th, Batman! Golden Anniversary Posters [Printables]

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Batman Anniversary

50 years ago, Gotham City became a little bit safer, television sets became a little bit busier and children everywhere began to spend even more time dreaming of donning the cape and cowl.

Batman and Robin have come a long way since they first start calling from Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara on a phone with a rotary dial, and Costume SuperCenter wants to help you commemorate this Golden Anniversary with FREE printables. From Adam West to Ben Affleck and Burt Ward to Chris O’Donnell, these posters feature the memorable, lovable 1970’s heroes and villains right alongside their characters’ most recent on-film incarnations.

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Batman; Adam West & Ben Affleck


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The Joker; Cesar Romero & Jared Leto

Joker poster 50th anniversary

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1966; Adam West’s Batman & Cesar Romero’s Joker

 Batman and Joker

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Don’t let your 50th Anniversary celebration stop with these posters, either! At Costume SuperCenter, you’ll find a wide array of Batman costumes, including a few from the 1970’s series!

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