Costume Transform Me

By March 30, 2009 In the News No Comments

If a person takes on the persona of what a costume represents, how do you get the personality you’re going for? What costume will make you feel just the way you want to? How do you know which ones will put you in character?

Does putting on a costume transform you? Do you feel the power of a Goddess of Love when you dress the part?

What if you put on a Lancelot costume, do you suddenly feel all Knightly?

What mythical costume are you?

Medusa can turn a man to stone with one look into her eyes.

This serpent monster is a very empowering personality. A girl can take it to extreme ugly or to the sexiest beauty in the room. I don’t know anything more empowering than being able to turn a person to stone just because they look into my eyes.

Athena is the daughter of Zeus; the King of all gods.

What would an Athena empowering costume be without the right foot attire? If I was a woman strutting my stuff in a sexy Athena gown, I’d want a look that says, “Look at me!” I would want an outfit that makes a statement and leaves a lasting impression from head to toe.

Hercules was the great conqueror of Greek Mythology.

Any man stepping into this costume wouldn’t be able to help feeling empowered. I look at this costume and I see a very powerful take control man. I think a Hercules costume can take any man shy in his own skin feel macho.

What costume would make you feel like a super hero?

Wonder Woman; just look at this costume.

A woman can look sexy while looking like she can take on any one! I loved watching Lynda Carter bring Wonder Woman to life when I was a kid. I was a faithful fan and never missed an episode. This costume brings back so many great childhood memories.

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman!

I watched Superman on Saturday cartoons for the longest time. I remember when the movie Superman hit the theaters Christopher Reed was so handsome; I was hooked on Superman all over again! His dark hair and those pretty eyes. I don’t know any other man that could have made those tights and a cape look so good!

What are some of your favorite hero costumes? Do you have a favorite mythical character that makes you feel empowered? What costume transforms you?