Costumes and Diets Have Come a Long Way

By January 9, 2012 In the News No Comments

Halloween is a long way off but I want to buy a smaller size costume this year so I decided to hop on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon and join Weight Watchers. The reason I joined this program over the others is that I want to eat real food, not that pre-packaged, awful stuff. However, Weight Watchers was not always the super real food diet it is today. This of course got me thinking about how so many things have changed for the better over the years, including Halloween costumes.

For some reason, diet food from decades ago had to be gross concoctions that barely resemble food. Making it look interesting with fancy molds will not make anything taste better. Likewise, a plastic smock with a picture of a character and a molded plastic face make do not make for a good costume. We have smartened up over the years and now we demand the real deal.

Take a look at how costumes and diets have changed from from the 1970s to today. What were people thinking?

If things didn’t change to the way they are now, Halloween costume manufactures and the weight loss industry would both be out of business.

I want my costumes and my food to look like the real thing. Don’t settle for anything less for yourself.

If you have a picture of yourself from way back when wearing one of these awful vintage Halloween costumes, we’d love to see a picture of it. Share your comments with us here. You can also post your pictures to our Facebook Page.