Create a Costume Using Only Hats, Wigs and Accessories


You can create a Halloween costume using nothing more than a hat, wig, accessories or a combination of these items. You can wear what you have in your closet with these accessories and turn out one of the best Halloween costumes of all your friends.

Here are our Top Ten Picks for the best costumes that use hats, wigs and accessories only:

Slash – Time has gone by but his look remains the same. Slash is easily the coolest (and most easily recognized) rock star in the world. His style is perfectly defined with the rocker wig with hat which features curly hair built into a black top hat.

Bob Ross – A light brown afro and matching beard is all you need to create the look of the legendary soft spoken artist who make “happy clouds” and soothed us with his almost hypnotic presence. To enhance the costume you can create an artist’s palette from a piece of cardboard.

Billy Mays – It’s easy to transform yourself into America’s favorite pitchman. If you don’t have black hair you can use a wash out hair color paired with a black beard and moustache. Wear a blue button down shirt and a pair of khaki pants. Optional: carry a container of Oxy Clean.

Ozzy Ozbourne – Spend this Halloween as the rock and roll Prince of Darkness. Our long straight wig looks just like his hair. Add some round sunglasses and you’ve got it. We can’t help you with the accent but if you just mumble gibberish you should be a passable Ozzy.

White Trash GirlThe Beer Can Roller White Trash Wig just screams trailer park. Search your own closet for an old pair of ripped jeans and a shirt that would suit the wig.

Slipknot – Slipknot is the thrash metal band. You and your friends can wear Slipknot masks with your own black shirt and pants to. There are four masks available.

Sexy Witch – Are you looking for an excuse to wear your little black dress? If so, then all you’ll need is a witch’s hat. Witch’s hats are available in several styles and price ranges. It will instantly turn your sexy black dress into a sexy witch costume.

Twilight/Vampire Diaries – all you need for this is a vampire makeup kit and a set of vampire teeth. This will give you the deathly pale vampire look. Wear what ever you like for clothing.

Train wreck Wigs – I use the term “train wreck” to collectively describe the two wigs that define women who are known for their exploits and especially their hair dos. The Eight is Too Much Wig and the Rehab Wig so you can dress as Kate Gosselin or Amy Winehouse, respectively.

Lady Godiva – the long Lady Godiva wig covers you from head to toe. We suggest you wear a flesh toned body stocking with it but that is completely up to you. 😉

If you put your mind to it you can find some amazing accessories that are Halloween costumes all by themselves. You’ll make a statement and you may even save a few bucks.