Time to Make the Chimichangas: Sick Deadpool Freebies

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It’s been a month since its theatrical release, and people are still talking about the Merc’ with a Mouth. Why should Costume SuperCenter be any exception?!

In February, we put out three posts, each of which contained the sickest Deadpool freebies we’ve ever seen. With printable posters and Valentines, and downloadable wallpapers for your computer, tablet and phone, you’ll have juuust enough Wade Wilson swag to hold you over ’til the sequel. Find each of those pieces below, PLUS a special something from somebody else that we just figured you’d appreciate.

Free Deadpool Wallpapers

Deadpool Wallpapers

What better way to decorate your desktop than with some dope illustrations of Mr. Pool? Or set your ringtone to Shoop by Salt-N-Pepa and put him on your phone, and you’ll be all set to give Dopinder a call the next time you need a taxi cab. Click here for Deadpool Wallpapers.

Printable Deadpool Posters

Deadpool Posters

After a long day at work, sometimes, you just want to put on your Crocs and relax. Make sure that when your head hits the pillow, you have something good to stare at on your wall. Costume SuperCenter recommends a little Wade Wilson. Click here for Deadpool Posters.

Printable Deadpool Valentines

Deadpool Valentines

Why the red suit? Well, that’s so the bad guys can’t see him bleed. But it also represents the red-hot love that he’s feeling for Vanessa Carlysle. Like a puzzle piece with the curvy edges, they just fit together, and so will you and your special someone when you give him or her one of these Valentine’s Day cards. Click here for Deadpool Valentines.

Awkward Deadpool Interview

IGN Interview

One of the many beautiful things about Deadpool is that he’s never at a loss for words – You always know exactly what he’s thinking. The good folks at IGN recently let us dive even deeper into the mind of the Merc, though, with this exclusive interview that gets a little… awkward.

If this isn’t enough Deadpool for you, then you’re just greedy. But you’re also lucky, because you can check out Costume SuperCenter’s Marvel Comics styles and Deadpool Costumes to help you look the part, too!

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